Faith Based Security Network FBSN


The FBSN is a Christian based, member-centric professional organization serving those faith-based security professionals engaged in strengthening faith-based security.

The FBSN goes beyond individual preparedness as the first faith-based security association to bring together people of all types and locations of ministries as a national connected network. It’s time to stop being silos and stovepipes of information.

The guiding values of the FBSN are transparently, unapologetically and invariably Christ-centered. We believe it is right for His church to lead the way in standing against evil as that is the very model of Christ (Romans 12:9).

Of all religions under attack in America, none are more commonly the site of violent blood spilled than Christian organizations.

We invite all faiths however, to join us in this endeavor to stand against the tangible evil we have seen repeatedly strike the innocent in ministries of all faiths. We do not proselytize, but we will protect and share best practices of stopping and overcoming evil with other faiths who sincerely seek effective guidance.

If you are committed to protecting those in your faith-based community, please go to the membership tab and consider the membership options. We sincerely appreciate everyone who understands the importance of being connected to, and benefiting others, in this great endeavor of protecting the faithful.

Special Investigations Group

Private Investigators have been glamorized in various television shows such as Magnum PI, Manix, Cannon and Simon & Simon.  That however, was television.  Today private investigators take on a different roll. With the modern era comes modern technology, such as computers, digital photograph and diagramming.

We are veteran owned, and when asked what sets us apart from all other investigation companies, the reply is simple-our people.  For more than 10 years, Special Investigations Group has created an investigation firm with more law enforcement trained personnel than any other investigation company in Michigan. It’s because of those extensive law enforcement backgrounds Special Investigations Group sets the bar for all other investigative companies to follow.

Ohio Tactical Officers Association

The Ohio Tactical Officers Association provides training, educational programming, and assistance both to the law enforcement community as well as the general public, in police procedures, operations and tactics and general purpose educational services to the public on neighborhood safety concerns and issues.

The Ohio Tactical Officers Association’s ultimate goal is to improve public safety through training, education and promoting professionalism in policing.

The educational programs and trainings offered are specifically designed to enhance the performance and professional status of law enforcement and first responder personnel by providing a credible and proven training resource as well as a forum for the development of tactics and information exchange between the professional law enforcement community and the general public.

Threat Assessment Solutions

Threat Assessment Solutions’ team of highly trained experts works to provide thorough, realistic threat assessments for your organization – increasing your preparedness and reducing your liability.

After an initial consultation, the TAS team conducts an on-sight walkthrough of your facility, analyzing your building layout, reviewing your current policies, and discussing with you the potential threats you may have to counter.

A comprehensive written assessment is then prepared to provide you with solutions and suggestions to improve your security and overall preparedness. Our team is made up of military veterans, former contractors, law enforcement, and security system experts – providing you with an unusually deep bench of knowledge at your fingertips!

Trinity Training & Security

Trinity Training & Security is a premier veteran owned company offering Self-Defense/Tactical Training and Security Services.  We are former/current military/law enforcement and believe our attention to detail and high standards make us a cut about the rest!

Worship Security Association

This is a very informative online library with the latest best practices for church security minitries everywhere!  A part of Kingswood Security Consulting, Worship Security Association is passionate about church security ministry, and they research the latest in what is going on around the country to create a unique video program.  If you have any questions or concerns about your church security ministry, here is where you should go!

Kingswood Security Consulting

Home based in Minnesota, Kingswood Security is different than most security companies. In working with faith and nonprofit organizations, we understand that security can often conflict with your mission. We are passionate about your mission and take time to understand your values and community. We then work with you to identify and address your risks from a safe and aware place. We have a team of nationally and internationally known subject matter experts that are ready to come alongside your organization to Plan, Prepare and Protect!

Kingswood has a very informative online library for church security ministries.

Church Safety Guys

For years, James McGarvey, and Paul Buckner have ministered and served churches in the area of church safety and security. Most recently joining the team of “Church Safety Guys” is Michael Scully that togetherThey currently oversee the Church Safety & Security Facebook Group, which is one of the largest on Social Media platforms about the topic of Church Safety and Security.  With a combined total of over 40 years experience in law enforcement, disaster management, emergency medicine and Church Safety, their approach is solid with a touch of humor.

James & Paul regularly talk to Churches all over the United States and are currently available for conference and training engagements.

Shield Private Investigations

Shield Private Investigations

Are you ready to hire a private investigator? We know this road has been a journey and this is a tough decision. We are here to help you and your family navigate through this difficult time. In addition to private investigation our team is trained in a variety of areas pertaining to high conflict situations including; legal investigation, child forensic interviewing, de-escalation, hostage negotiation, active shooting, certified field officer and instructor training. Our Lead Private Investigator, spent 28 years in law enforcement, 15 years as a Detective for the Kent County Sheriff Department and leads with Integrity, honor and compassion.

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