Conflict De-escalation Training

Anyone who deals with the public in some way, such as in service oriented businesses and corporations, private security, church security, office personnel, all know how shocking to the system it can be to suddenly find yourself in a situation with an angry, loud, obnoxious, difficult, confrontational person. Without training and experience, a person in a sudden high stress situation is apt to either under react, over react, or freeze and do nothing at all.

Human Resources departments know how critical it is to have a crisis management or conflict management plan, and my training program is part of the solution.

Based on my 20 years of experience as a police officer, I conduct conflict de-escalation training workshops to teach and develop the skills, awareness and confidence necessary to deal with a difficult and often times confrontational person.

I break it down to 3 basic critical concepts, body language, tone of voice and active/reflective listening. In my experience, being well aware and in control of these 3 concepts will increase the probability of de-escalating a situation. I have noticed that often times well meaning people will inadvertently say or do something that may actually escalate a situation.

My instructor/role players are also former police officers or have extensive experience in dealing with people in high stress situations, and are able to create very dynamic, realistic scenarios. My training program is flexible, customizable and adaptable to the client’s needs and environment. For example, a private security firm would deal with scenarios dealing with trespassers. Church security would deal with scenarios and situations unique to church environments.

After a scenario there is critique phase where the instructor/role player will go over the scenario and point out what can be tweaked in how the scenario was handled and what was done right to reinforce already good instincts and actions.

Contact me and let me help you and your team develop the skills, knowledge and confidence in dealing with a difficult confrontational person.

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