Sarcastic comment in a crowd can escalate a situation. My wife and I were at Costco Wholesale about an hour ago, the parking lot was absolutely packed and full, and she sent me the attached photo to let me know she in the checkout line and yet in the middle of the store!

She told me later that while she was shopping and looking for an item, and doing the best to work around other people and carts, she heard a lady sarcastically say out loud, “Some people think they are the only ones shopping“. My wife had no idea who the lady was referring to, but she and everyone else in the area just ignore the lady and went on their way.

Saying such a sarcastic, passive aggressive, antagonistic comment is a wonderful way to escalate and start something in a crowded supermarket the day before the Super Bowl. It’s just another example of what I emphasize in my classes: When you allow yourself to get frustrated, impatient, and offended you increase the likelihood that YOU will say or do something that can escalate a situation. Clearly this lady let her frustration and impatience with the crowd and the pace of everything get to her.
Now imagine what would have happened if someone nearby within ear shot, also frustrated and impatient, decided she was referring to them and took offense to that comment? And then decided to make a snappy sarcastic comment in response?
I’m pretty sure the situation would have absolutely escalated and gone off the rails and we might even have found a video of it on YouTube later tonight!

Sarcastic comment in a crowd can escalate a situation.  When in a crowded situation like that, everyone shopping and trying to grab last minute items before the Super bowl, take a long slow deep breath to stay calm, have some Grace for everyone around you and be nice!

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