Why did country music star Tim McGraw escalate a situation?!  Tim McGraw pretty much began to escalate a situation with a heckler at his show last Saturday Oct 9th!
This is an example of what I have been saying – People will tend to say and do things that will actually escalate a situation, especially when they are under stress!

Tim had been forgetting some of the words to his songs, and earlier in his show he explained that he was tired, even joked that he is getting old
He explained that he is exhausted from filming a movie and even asked the fans to sing along when he messes up the words!
It is a known, scientific fact that sleep deprivation and exhaustion can put enormous stress on the mind and body, and I can attest from personal experience of being deliriously exhausted a few times in the Army.

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Why did  country music star Tim McGraw escalate a situation?  I am sure that on his road to stardom Tim McGraw has faced a few hecklers here and there, and he knows to ignore them, not to engage.
But on this particular night one particular heckler just got to him and Tim jumped down from the stage to confront the heckler, and that’s how this situation was about to seriously escalate! Fortunately, Tim was pulled back and the heckler did not take Tim’s challenge to escalate the situation any further.

There are no easy answers to the situation Tim was in, making a movie and then having to perform. Time management comes to mind, making sure to get rest, not over booking and scheduling too much on the same day and so on.
Take a slow, deep breath and assess yourself, consider where you are at emotionally, physically, psychologically. This goes for everyone, everywhere, in any career field. If you are stressed from work and you bring it home, you may take it out on your family and friends. If you are stressed from home and you take it to work, you may take it out on coworkers and clients and customers.
To the best of your ability, when you know you are stressed, avoid stressful people! Do not engage or disengage and let another colleague handle it! Look out for each other, be ready to step up when you see a colleague dealing with a stressful person!

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