A well balanced training program enhances proficiency and confidence.  With the recent church shooting in Texas, a lot more churches are now taking security seriously.  Everyone is looking into having armed security, they’re going to the range and they’re shooting thousands of rounds.  People are asking questions about back pack policies and going over procedures and taking a closer look at entry points to their buildings.

That’s all good, but let’s not get too focused on shooting guns that we forget to stay on top of things like basic first aid and how to use an AED.  I can tell you that at my large church we seem to deal with medical issues just about every Sunday.

How about conflict de-escalation skills?  People skills?  No one seems to put any emphasis on dealing with people and dealing with people skills, and many times basic de-escalation skills may possibly have changed the outcome of a situation completely.  This type of training program is valuable to everyone, private and corporate businesses, teachers, churches, private security, anyone who deals with the public in some capacity, and there is not one person reading this who has not been in a situation where they got into an argument with a friend, or co-worker, or spouse and ended up saying or doing something that actually escalated the situation.  I’ve been there, I would later shake my head and say to myself that I should not have said that!!

And in regards to going to the range, I think that it outstanding.  Anyone carrying a weapon absolutely needs to be able to hit what they aim at, but it seems the training stops there.  What about what to do AFTER a shooting?

well rounded training program

As a police officer I use to go through consistent and frequent decision making training, also known as shoot/no shoot drills.  We’d go through hours of it, we’d have to deal with fluid dynamic situations and quickly determine what level of force we would use.  If lethal force was used, we would then train and follow up with actions and procedures after a shooting such as getting on the radio, checking each other out, rendering aid and so on.  So a well balance training program is going to also seriously consider what we use to call in the infantry “Actions on the objective”, things to do and consider doing after the shooting stops and you are waiting for the police to arrive.

A well balanced training program enhances proficiency and confidence.  I conduct conflict de-escalation training workshops and decision making scenario training, this type of training helps round out what you have in your training program, helps you and your team develop as a team and be as prepared as possible, and helps with keeping people safe.

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