Building Confidence by training consistently will pay off when and you find yourself in a stressful situation with no time to think.  I recently had a meeting with a business looking into training their staff to feel confident in dealing with potentially volatile people who appear at the front desk. It was stated that the front desk staff did not feel “confident” and I really keyed in onto that word because that is exactly what I aim to do with my training and business. You can not obtain any level of confidence in anything without actually trying to do it, and learning from mistakes and having positive reinforcement and affirmation. So my training depends on role playing and realistic scenarios to reinforce learned concepts and skills in dealing with rude obnoxious people in all sorts of settings and situations. For example, a possible scenario I would have front desk personnel go through is a common situation of an angry person demanding to see a supervisor, or maybe a person looking for a co-worker, but there is a restraining order against that person and they should not be there looking for the co-worker!
I try to make the scenarios as realistic as possible, and try hard to have the training at the location and workplace of the students going through the de-escalation training workshop. That is one other way I try to positively reinforce the training in the students and give them confidence: They are familiar with the surroundings and if they are ever faced with a situation they will have the confidence in the back of their minds that they have already been through it, in that area and environment, and won.

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