Dynamic Conflict De-escalation Training

Our conflict de-escalation training will take you and your staff through dynamic realistic scenarios which will help develop stress inoculation, muscle memory, self-confidence and confidence in each other. 
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Dynamic Conflict De-escalation Training

Our conflict de-escalation training will take you and your staff through dynamic realistic scenarios which will help develop stress inoculation, muscle memory, self-confidence and confidence in each other. 
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Conflict De-escalation Training

Does Your Staff Need Conflict De-escalation Training?

Suddenly finding yourself dealing with an angry, loud, confrontational person is shocking and scary.   I’m John Riley, a retired police officer and certified crisis intervention specialist with the National Anger Management Association.

Beginning as a mission and ministry for church staff and volunteers, my team and I now travel all over the United States conducting Conflict De-escalation Training seminars.  Between my instructors and I we will bring over 100 years of practical conflict de-escalation experience to help you and your staff develop the skills and confidence to deal with a difficult person, and prevent a volatile situation from becoming a critical violent incident.  My team and I are a critical part of your risk management planning.

I am not just another lecture presentation, you and your staff will go through dynamic, realistic scenarios which will help develop stress inoculation, muscle memory, self confidence and confidence in each other.  You and your staff will also get real time feedback as to what was done right and what can be tweaked and done differently.  You can sit through another lecture, or get up and actually do some training!  Contact me and let’s set up a training date!

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Who Needs De-escalation Training?

  • Churches
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Businesses
  • Corporations
  • State agencies
  • Teachers/education professionals
  • Law enforcement
  • Security guards

Get started with three easy steps!

Step 1 – Contact me so I can assess your specific needs.

Step 2 – Set up training date and time

Step 3 – Conduct training


NAMA National Anger Management Association
Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist


It was engaging, invaluable, and authentic.  The scenarios were phenomenal, so realistic and plausible.
Shea V.

Crossroads Bible Church, Sept 2022

John was awesome!  His presentation skills are excellent, information was powerful and relevant.  All 4 role players were awesome and believable!  And their follow up was very helpful.  Scenarios were good and challenging.
Stephanie W.

Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority, June 2022

Excellent training, exceeded my expectations!   Training I did not know I needed!
Barbara B.

Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority, June 2022

This was unlike any class I’ve taken, loved this class!  Hate it!  Love it!  This helps and feels real!  
Nikki H.

Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority, June 2022

Love the entire program!  Appreciate the real life scenarios.  Your program NEEDS to be taught at every municipality! 
Cynthia F.

Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority, June 2022

I plan to suggest this training to the rest of my coworkers, most of them could benefit from this great experience.  I love that the scenarios were done with only 2 people, I have done this type of training before but we played the scenarios in front of the class with everyone watching and it was much more stressful and everyone tended to perform poorly because of it.
Kari L.

Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority, June 2022

Very much enjoyed the instruction.  Very Effective.  Not usually a fan of scenarios/role play but this was very effective, I learned a lot! 
Tina P.

City of Wayne, MI, September 2022

This whole presentation had skills that could be applied to everyday life situations, not just at work.
Patricia T.

City of Wayne, MI, September 2022

Very well done. Once again, thank you for all your work. I was genuinely impressed with the reactions from the participants. The participants were very amped up and were truly impressed with the training and what they didn’t know. Everyone thanked me for bringing your team in and for the professional quality training they received. I truly look forward to next week when the rest of the staff and volunteers get to experience this training. 
Kevin Van Horn

Elder/Security Director, Ravenna Baptist Church, Jan 2021

Thank you for the training John.  Your material and especially your life experience made me feel much more confident.  The feedback from instructor/role players was one of the most valuable parts of the training.
Stephen Vanden Toorn

Church Security, Resurrection Life Church, Grandville, MI Jan 2021

I appreciate the combo of lecture and real life scenarios. Also loved the wrap up at the end.
Staff member

Resurrection Life Church, Grandville, MI, Jan 2021

So informative, so helpful, very real scenarios and great instructors!  This is my second time doing this training and I am so glad I did it again.
Rachel Brouwer

Resurrection Life Church, Grandville, MI Jan 2021

This training was very intense, forcing us to deal with difficult situations – Very beneficial training!!
Matt K

Southwest Protestant Reformed

John’s training at our facility was outstanding. John spent a lot of time explaining the formula for successfully de-escalating an incident and provided a realistic and constructive environment to practice what we learned. I highly recommend John’s program for any organization who wants to provide their staff the necessary tools to navigate dealing with difficult situations or people.
Jon Fey

Physical Security Specialist, Van Andel Institute

Excellent scenarios, excellent instructor/role players!  This was exactly what we face every day, very helpful!
Kim B

Forge Staffing, South Bend, Indiana June 2019

Scenarios were well thought out and presented real possibilities, for me to have to act it out was very helpful.  I was placed in an uncomfortable position with the scenarios, this is a good thing because I now know more about how I will react and can prepare mentally.
Nate P

Southwest Protestant Reformed

Very engaging!  John did an amazing job, when I first told the staff about this training they were not thrilled, thinking it would be just another lecture, but now they want more!  The scenario instructors did an amazing job, I really enjoyed the training, so engaging, so real life!
Theresa R

Manager of Operations, Forge Staffing, South Bend, Indiana June 2019

I had fun, excellent scenarios and instructor/role players, amazing knowledge and acting!  Made me feel as though I was in a real situation!
Nick H

Manager of Operations, Forge Staffing, South Bend, Indiana, June 2019

I was surprised by the quality of the acting in the role playing!  Good job!  I think it was very good instruction, it made me really think about what I will have to do in a stressful situation.
Jim D.

March 2018 Workshop, Kalamazoo, MI

Loved the real life situations in the scenarios, very valuable feedback from the instructor/role players.  Awareness is one of the most important nuggets I took away!  Thank you so much for seeing the need for this type of training!

March 2018 Workshop, Kalamazoo, MI

Great speaker, role players are great!  I enjoyed learning ways to handle different situations that are out of control.
Marta S.

Marian Burch Adult Daycare facility, Battle Creek, MI

The material was excellent!  The role plays were great and nerve racking in the best way!  They opened my eyes to not only talk about the situations but what to do in actuality!

I feel more confident!

Adam S.

Ravenna Baptist Church, Jan 2021

Excellent presentation! You rock!  The instructors gave good comments that built upon completion of each scenario.  We were able to use what we learned from the first 2 scenarios on the last 2 scenarios.
Morgan Gudino

Resurrection Life Church, Grandville, MI Jan 2021

Excellent presentation, knowledgable, really enjoyed the training!  Really a great job playing diverse scenarios!
Stephanie Kolakowski

President, Grow Business Today, Jan 2021

The scenarios were helpful and raised awareness of the types of situations we can face.  By the time we got to our last scenario, we felt well equipped.
Deb Kirgis

Resurrection Life Church, Grandville, MI Jan 2021

I attended John’s seminar for the first time and it was AMAZING. I have experience in this field and still learned a lot. The program and info itself is top notch. Add to that John’s style and Charisma and this is a high caliber learning experience. From the lecture phase to the practical, it was engaging and made you want to be there. I highly recommend this program and can’t speak highly enough of John. Great Job, John!
Shane McLean


Excellent training at Res Life this past weekend. Solid, practical teaching and then, super, get your “calm” tested scenarios. I recommend this “Gentle Response De-escalation” for everyone, especially those who encounter people.

Accept the ability to be light and a peacemaker and practice the art!

Mike Kemple

Missional Chaplins

I had fun!  Excellent scenarios, very believable!  Super educational, glad for the reminder to look for weapons, I never think to do that!
Tammy M

Forge Staffing, South Bend, Indiana June 2019

Excellent presentation!  John demonstrated a command of subject matter without coming across in a condenscending manner, very engaging.  Appreciated all of the post scenario critique.
Jim D

Resurrection Life church

The role playing is key for this training, I loved it!  I checked my fitbit afterwards to see that my heart rate had escalated.

Resurrection Life church

The scenarios might have well been actually happening.  Great learning experience due to the reality.  This would be an excellent series annually to cover different scenarios.

Crossroads Bible church

Great presentation, very informative and helpful.  I learned a great deal of useful information, I will definitely utilize the training we learned today!  The scenario instructors did amazing jobs, your collective experience is invaluable! I feel so much more confident about handling volatile situations and people!
Heather T

Forge Staffing, South Bend, Indiana, June 2019

Overall this was fantastic, presentation was engaging and interesting!  I really felt like this was a fantastic class, super useful and practical!
Eric P

Southwest Protestant Reformed

What an amazing experience our staff at Marian Burch Adult Day Center had! This program was so very well put together, and the hands on training that is provided is so valuable. Absolutely beneficial for people who work in health care! Keep up the great work!!
Amy B.

Marian Burch Adult Daycare Center, Battle Creek, MI

A gentle response defuses anger… Proverbs 15:1 MSG

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