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I have noticed that there appears to be a lack of any comprehensive, dynamic, realistic scenario training for armed church security, or for CPL holders for that matter. People go to the range and fire thousands of rounds to accurately hit what they aim at, and that is great, they should be doing this. But the training seems to end there.

Police officers go through decision making drills, also called shoot/no shoot drills, frequently and consistently every year. Not only do they do those drills, they also go through the actions AFTER a shooting has taken place. So why aren’t civilians with CPLs and armed security, especially armed church security, going through such training?

So much is at stake that I don’t think you can afford NOT to take this type of training that I am offering now. Based on my experience and training from 20 years as a police officer, I have created a training program that will give armed church security an opportunity to go through Decision Making scenario training. Without this dynamic training a person may be conditioning themselves to turn a stressful situation into a lethal force encounter, with consequences they did not consider nor are prepared for.

Here’s the plan- I will try to bring an attorney from the prosecutors office to talk for about an hour about the legal stuff, and keep in mind that it is the prosecutors office that will thoroughly check YOU out in the event of a shooting to determine whether or not to charge YOU with some sort of criminal complaint.  If an attorney is unable to participate we’ll just do the class on actions and procedures to consider after a shooting, then we will go into some dynamic realistic scenarios where my instructor/role players may or may not produce some sort of weapon. They may or may not create a situation where you will have to think on your feet whether or not to engage with your weapon. IF you do fire your weapon, we will go over the actions and procedures to consider after the shooting stops and you are waiting for the police to arrive. I am pretty sure you did not believe you would just stand there after a shooting, I am going to help shape your actions and procedures.

These classes are small and intimate, restricted to no more than 10 people from the same church security team. In the event that a scenario results in a “shooting”, everyone will then be involved in the training that follows, just like they would in real life.

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