Practical Conflict De-escalation Training

Does Your Staff Need Conflict Resolution and De-escalation Training?

Suddenly finding yourself dealing with an angry, loud, confrontational person is shocking and scary.   I’m John Riley, a retired police officer, and I will bring 20 years of practical conflict resolution and de-escalation experience to help you and your staff develop the skills and confidence to deal with a difficult person, and prevent a volatile situation from becoming a critical violent incident.

Gentle Response, LLC is a BBB Accredited Safety Consultant in Allendale, MI

Who Needs De-escalation Training?

  • Churches
  • Hospitals
  • Business owners
  • Managers
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Police officers
  • Security guards
  • Church security teams
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Parents
  • Anyone who deals with people!


Thank you so much for your time and experience equipping RTLC Safety and Ushers with real life practice and shift in mindset. We’ll be in touch soon to schedule a 2017 training!

Taia Wagoner

Road to Life Church

It was great! Very informative. And the correct way to handle most situations. Just don’t smile!

Rich Slavicek

Road to Life Church

John’s training at our facility was outstanding. John spent a lot of time explaining the formula for successfully de-escalating an incident and provided a realistic and constructive environment to practice what we learned. I highly recommend John’s program for any organization who wants to provide their staff the necessary tools to navigate dealing with difficult situations or people.

Jon Fey

Physical Security Specialist, Van Andel Institute

As a hands-on learner the scenarios are great and gave me a lot of tools to use in a “what if” situation

C Davis

Resurrection Life church

Body language is something that can be easy to forget as well as the things never to say, I learned a lot and would love to do more of this training.  Thanks John!

Marv H

Resurrection Life church

Very effective training, very effective power point presentation.  Hands on training was very “life like”.  Thank you!

Shawn H.

Resurrection Life church

I attended John’s seminar for the first time and it was AMAZING. I have experience in this field and still learned a lot. The program and info itself is top notch. Add to that John’s style and Charisma and this is a high caliber learning experience. From the lecture phase to the practical, it was engaging and made you want to be there. I highly recommend this program and can’t speak highly enough of John. Great Job, John!

Shane McLean

Head Safety and Security Liaison to Senior Leadership , Road to Life Church

Excellent training at Res Life this past weekend. Solid, practical teaching and then, super, get your “calm” tested scenarios. I recommend this “Gentle Response De-escalation” for everyone, especially those who encounter people.

Accept the ability to be light and a peacemaker and practice the art!

Mike Kemple

Missional Chaplins

Just wanted to thank you and your crew for the training at Pathway church.  The tips and simulations were very helpful in putting my mind in a state of readiness. I’m glad I attended the class, it was a good experience.

Scott R.

Pathway Church

Excellent presentation!  John demonstrated a command of subject matter without coming across in a condenscending manner, very engaging.  Appreciated all of the post scenario critique.

Jim D

Resurrection Life church

The role playing is key for this training, I loved it!  I checked my fitbit afterwards to see that my heart rate had escalated.


Resurrection Life church

A gentle response defuses anger… Proverbs 15:1 MSG

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